Aussie slang with a bit of chicken salt

Backpack. Check.

Australian Working Holiday Visa. Check.

Insurance. Check

Chicken salt. Hmm, what?

If you haven’t already experienced the essence of Australia, chicken salt, you will soon have the pleasure. It goes on your hot chips at every greasy spoon in the country, but at least everyone is polite enough to ask “chicken or normal?”.  Sounds a bit confusing?

Basically, chicken salt is an herbed, chicken-flavoured salt that’s immensely popular and shaken over everything from chips to hot dogs.

Or in Australian: ‘tis beaut mate.

Aussie slang is usually great fun, even for Australians. The further west into the bush you go the rougher the slang gets and the broader the accent to with it. Australian slang sometimes includes rhyming, not unlike the rhyming cockney slang, but it’s not used that often by young people.

A lot of slang is not polite (so watch out!), but here is a list of a few good phrases to get you started.

  • I could eat the arse out of a low-flying duck: I’m hungry
  • I’m flat out like a lizard drinking: I’m busy
  • I’m as mad as a cut snake: I’m angry
  • Fair suck of the sav: you are making fun of me or I don’t believe it
  • Give it a burl: Have a go ya mug!
  • Have a squiz: go have a look
  • He’s gone walkabout: he can’t be found
  • It’s a bit iffy: dodgy
  • She’ll be apples: it will be OK
  • Up at sparrow’s fart: early morning start
  • Who opened their lunch?: OK, who farted?
  • Kick the bucket: to die
  • You’ve got Buckley’s: no chance