Auckland Airport welcomes New Zealand immigration changes

- Posted in New Zealand by Visa Bureauon 08 March 2012

Auckland Airport general manager of corporate affairs, Charles Spillane, congratulated New Zealand immigration officials for their proposed improvements to immigration policy.

"In a global climate when immigration matters are often very sensitive, Immigration New Zealand [INZ] is fast becoming a model for a progressive, smart immigration service that keeps the bigger goals in mind," said Mr Spillane.

"This future vision will help them find the optimal balance between protecting the integrity of New Zealand and promoting better social and economic outcomes by making it easier for the best qualified migrants and highest-value visitors to get here."

Mr Spillane said that under the proposed changes, a new immigration system focussed on efficient processing of New Zealand visa applications will help overcome any disincentives of doing business in, or a holiday to, New Zealand, particularly the country’s remoteness.

"The commitment made by the government to a new high-tech online immigration system will, when fully implemented, make a huge difference to the ease of visa applications for positional migrants and visitors.

"New Zealand has some significant disadvantages in global tourism and trade terms. Basically, we are small and we are a long way from anywhere. Because of this, New Zealand must have fewer barriers to visitation or doing business with than with our global competitors. Having a world-class immigration system and visa application process will make a real difference to that goal.

"We all have shared goals in seeing New Zealand succeed globally and in accelerating our economic prospects, our future living standards will depend on it. We look forward to working with INZ on turning their vision into more visitors, more trade opportunities and more value for New Zealand."

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