Arizona prepares for US immigration enforcement

- Posted in America by Visa Bureauon 13 June 2012

Governor Brewer has ordered the redistribution of a training video to the state's law enforcement officials to prepare them for the passing of the controversial US immigration law which would allow the stop and search of anyone officers suspect of being in the country illegally.

Governor Brewer signed the bill into law in 2010 but quickly became the subject of a court case as the Obama administration sued the state for allegedly exceeding federal law. Critics argue the law encourages racial profiling and is a draconian approach to the problem of illegal immigration.

However, early reports from the Supreme Court indicate that the Obama administration's arguments were not being received well and, with reports yesterday suggesting the Associate Justices may be ready to pass their ruling, Governor Brewer is clearly optimistic the law will be enforced.

The Republican governor has ordered the training materials to be redistributed to equip law enforcement officials with the tools to 'determine whether identification presented to them is sufficient to presume a person is not an unlawfully present alien'.

The law, SB 1070 permits police to check the immigration status of anyone they suspect and, if that person is not carrying the required and proper documentation on their person at all times, begin deportation proceedings against them.

The case is seen as a landmark in national politics as several states including Georgia and Alabama have introduced their own copycat laws and, if SB 1070 is passed, could mark a significant shift in immigration policy during a year when the president is attempting to secure re-election by promising a reform of the immigration system.

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