Apple Co-Founder heads Down Under

- Posted in Australia by Dominicon 26 September 2012

Mr Wozniak co-founded Apple with
Steve Jobs in a garage in 1970.

Steve Wozniak, who co-founded Apple with Steve Jobs in 1970, has joined the hoards of people who want to move to Australia after the multi-millionaire applied for an Australia visa.

Mr Wozniak, who left Apple in 1987 to start his own enterprises but remained a close advisor and friend of Steve Jobs until his death, has applied for an Australia visa after admitting it had been a 'goal for 30 years'.

"Right now I want to live in some coolish, sort of cool temperature place, I'm actually thinking Melbourne although I'm applying right now for New South Wales just because I don't know yet," Mr Wozniak told the Herald Sun.

"I've been to a lot of places in Australia but the cooler the better for me."

Despite being one of the richest men in the world at one point, Mr Wozniak taught in public schools for several years and the country's exceptional education system has proved to be one of the biggest enticements.

The multi-millionaire now has his
sights set on Melbourne.

"I think you guys have a lot better schools and education than [the US] and I hear that directly from my wife, who works for Apple education with a lot of the top schools here in Australia.

"Her opinion is that you put a lot more money into schools than into military, and I go along with that."

When rumours first surfaced that Mr Wozniak was considering moving to Australia, some speculated that it could be because of the country's National Broadband Network (NBN), but Mr Wozniak disputes that.

"It is not a reason at all. It has absolutely nothing to do with it," he said.

"I'm a proponent of technology, I'm a proponent of bandwidth, of the changes in our life, of the NBN, I'm a proponent of taking care of every citizen in a country with broadband, considering it a right.

"It is such a tiny thing compared to where I want to live in my life. Right now I live in a home that does not have broadband. I have not had broadband for 10 years and I could move but I don't, it's not a consideration, it's not a reason."

While Australia's connectivity might not appeal to the technology magnate, there is plenty about Australia that does.

"It's mostly the attitudes of the people, the friendliness and how easy it is. I always enjoy my times in Australia and it's been a dream, a goal of mine for 30 years, and I'm one of those people that can have a long-term goal and if a crack opens up and I see a way to get to do it I do."

Mr Wozniak says that while he has no intentions of renouncing his American citizenship, he will refer to himself as an Australian.

- Dominic Ladden-Powell is the Online Editor for the Australian Visa Bureau.