Annual UK Visa cap to start in April 2011, with temporary cap scheduled for July

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 29 June 2010

The government will now consult with businesses to help decide the level of the permanent UK Visa limit which will be imposed from April next year. 

In the meantime, a temporary limit to commence on 19 July should help prevent a rush of applications before the permanent UK immigration measures come into effect.

The number of skilled migrants without a job offer entering the country under the government’s points system will be held at 5,400 for an interim period, with the pass mark for eligibility raised by five points.

The number of migrants allowed to enter the country with a job offer will be reduced by 1,300, and set at a limit of 18,700.

“This government believes that Britain can benefit from migration but not uncontrolled migration. I recognise the importance of attracting the brightest and the best to ensure strong economic growth, but unlimited migration places unacceptable pressure on public services,” the Home Secretary Theresa May said.

“While we consult on our tough new limit, it’s important we have an interim measure to avoid a ‘closing down sale’ for migrants, and to ensure that the number of work visas issued stays below 2009 levels.”

Ms May said the government will also introduce measures to support British people to get back to work and provide business with the skills they need from the resident workforce – reducing the need for migrants.

Details of the final UK Visa limit will be agreed following a 12-week consultation with business.


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