American visa holders fitting into society more easily

- Posted in America by Visa Bureauon 19 May 2008

Jacob Vigdor, the author of the study, said: "…the nation's capacity to integrate new immigrants is strong." The study focussed on economic, cultural and civic factors and assessed how similar the group of people engaged in American immigration were to native-born Americans.

Assimilation to the community was high in the Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood and Pompano Beach area, with Miami, New York and San Diego also scoring highly. Michael Fix, vice-president of the Migration Policy Institute research group, said the new findings match other studies in the area of American immigration. "Other research in the main corroborates the main finding, that integration is proceeding apace. It's moving at different speeds for different groups," he said.

The report also showed that immigration to America had more than doubled in the past 18 years and had quadrupled since 1970. Those wanting to gain an American visa may be interested to know the country recently held a conference on the subject of immigration, covering topics like understanding the issues surrounding it.

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