American immigration grants visa reprieve for Haitians in US

- Posted in America by Visa Bureauon 22 January 2010

American immigration officials held an information session in the Federal Building in Manhattan on the new immigration program that will allow Haitians who were here when the earthquake struck to be able to receive temporary protected status (TPS), even if they are in America illegally. 

New York Citizenship Immigration Service district director Andrea Quarantillo said: "Haitian nationals will be able to remain in the US legally, be able to obtain authorization to work legally in the United States, be eligible to obtain permission to travel outside the United  States, and return to their TPS status," she said.

Only Haitians already in America are eligible for temporary protected status.

Quarantillo said the American government did not want to overwhelm Haiti with many of their citizens returning to Haiti when they don't have the support infrastructure. 

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