American Embassy urged to ease visa process for Saudi businessmen

- Posted in America by Visa Bureauon 04 February 2010

Deputy chair of the chamber Mazen Batterjee made the request during a meeting with Laird Treiber, counsellor for economic affairs at the American Embassy.

Batterjee made the request following numerous complaints from the business community about the difficulties Saudis face in visiting America in addition to the excessive American immigration checks at airports.

The meeting was also attended by Veronica Scarborough, deputy US consul in Jeddah, and Courtney C. Gillespie, who is responsible for economic affairs.

The two sides discussed methods of joint co-operation, especially advancing small and medium projects and helping business people.

Mr Batterjee described the Saudi-US relations as strong, noting that the Kingdom is considered America’s main business partner in the Middle East.

Mr Treiber agreed that there had been increase in business relations between the two countries and the recent signing of several agreements worth millions has played a big role in increasing mutual trade between the two countries.

Mr Trieber said there is need for grassroots level work on improving Saudi-US relations.

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