America visa grants for Indian nationals up by almost a quarter

- Posted in America by Visa Bureauon 26 October 2011

Statistics released yesterday reveal that despite strong criticism of the US visa system from Indian Commerce Minister Anand Sharma in September, the number of Indians granted a H-1B America visa has grown significantly.

"This marks a total increase from 54,111 issued in 2010 to 67,195 in 2011," said a State Department statement.

"This 24% increase is tied to the highest ever H-1B application and issuance rates in the history of the US Mission to India, and illustrates the booming nature of US-India business relations."

The figures also confirm that India is the largest beneficiary of these type of US work visas, commonly obtained by employees of Indian firms like Tata, Infosys and Wipro which have sustantial business interests in the US.

"In the past four years, applicants in India have received more than twice as many H-1B visas as the next four countries combined," the statement said.

The State Department has also revealed that India has been dominant in grants for the L-1 intra-company transfer visa for work in the US.

The United States has indicated it will increase its consular services in the Republic of India to meet increasing visa applications and grants.

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