America revokes Venezuelan ambassador’s US Visa

- Posted in America by Visa Bureauon 30 December 2010

The US state department made the announcement of the US Visa revocation, which in effect expels Venezuelan envoy Bernardo Alvarez Herrera from the country.

It is not thought Mr Herrera is currently in the US, but the revocation means he cannot return.

The revocation comes after a dispute between the two countries over President Barack Obama's choice of ambassador to Caracas, Larry Palmer.
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez had been angered by comments Mr Palmer made this year, and withdrew his approval of Mr Palmer.

A State department spokesman said the US Government had indicated that that there would be appropriate, proportional and reciprocal action if the Venezuelan government rescinded the agreement regarding the US nominee, Larry Palmer.

On Tuesday, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said: "We have denied permission to this aspiring ambassador and now the US government threatens us with reprisals.

"They will do what they want, but that man is not coming here as ambassador,” he said.

The two countries had had a tempetious relationship for some time. Mr Chavez has previously denounced "American imperialism" and declared Barack Obama, to be "a great disappointment" with "the same stench as George W Bush".

Venezuela is a major oil producer and is the fifth biggest crude supplier to the US. 

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