Alleged British highjacker denies US immigration and weapons charges

- Posted in America by Visa Bureauon 21 March 2012

Eddie Maher, 56, was apprehended by US immigration authorities in February after receiving an anonymous tip off that he might be a fugitive.

Maher is suspected of absconding with £1 million while working as a security guard in Felixstowe in 1993. It is thought that Maher drove off with the van while a colleague was making a delivery, transferring the money to a car and then boarding a flight to the US; his whereabouts were unknown until February.

While Suffolk police prepare for extradition proceedings, Maher faces charges in America of being in the country without a valid US visa as well as possessing false identity documents and four firearms.

Maher, who denies the charges, is currently being remanded in custody and will return to the United States District Court on a date to be determined.

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