Air NZ's "green" project asking for g'ment money

- Posted in New Zealand by Visa Bureauon 22 August 2008

The airline company, which was recently voted the best in passenger service in the world by Air Transport World magazine, has been funding its own research into the use of biofuel as a renewable and sustainable source of fuel for long haul flights.

In September this year, Air NZ will be launching its first flight from Auckland to San Francisco, which will be using the oil extracted from the jatropha nut oil. 

"By operating under these optimum planning conditions we will be able to demonstrate how many millions of tonnes of fuel and carbon emissions can be saved by airlines globally if they are permitted to utilise concepts and technologies in flight efficiency in all phases of commercial flight," said Air New Zealand's General Manager of Airline Operations, Captain David Morgan, in a press release.

Chief Executive of Air NZ Rob Fyfe told a climate change and business conference he is hoping to get government support for his business’s research into the future of the aviation industry.  He also believes New Zealand needs to continue to lead the world in sustainable approaches to tourism, and puts the onous on local and national tour operators to protect its pristine natural surroundings from the negative effects of tourism. 

"I believe environmental leadership is at the heart of our prosperity as a nation," Mr Fyfe said. 

He also added, if tourists are aware of the country’s proactive approach to sustainable tourism then they would be more likely to pay more money for travel purposes and continue to visit New Zealand.

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Article by Jessica Bird, New Zealand Visa Bureau.