ACT Migration Program closed for Overseas Applicants

State Closure of ACT Migration Program to overseas applicants

The ACT (Australian Capital Territory) has today closed their state sponsorship program to overseas applicants. Anyone outside of Australia is unable to apply for state sponsorship from the ACT, effective immediately.

The ACT have highlighted exceptions to this rule. If you can provide evidence that you have close ties in Canberra, by way of family or a legitimate job offer, then you can still apply for ACT state sponsorship. Additionally, if you have completed a PhD at an ACT university then you may still apply for state sponsorship. Both these clauses only apply if you meet the remaining criteria for ACT state sponsorship.

Those living in Canberra who meet the state sponsorship requirements can however still apply for ACT 190 nomination.

If you have already submitted an application and paid the service fee then your application is not impacted and will continue being processed in date order.

The ACT have advised that their state sponsorship program will reopen to overseas applicants in 2018.

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