Academics call for lifting restrictions on H-1B American visas

- Posted in America by Visa Bureauon 14 November 2007

American immigration policy continues to be the subject of debate in the United States and a Harvard University journal has called for the government to encourage rather than restrict skilled American immigration.

The Harvard Crimson journal wants the government to "facilitate, rather than impede, the immigration of highly skilled internationals who add tremendously to our country and economy".

Criticising the restrictive limits on H-1B visas (three-year American visas issued to highly skilled professionals and students), the journal notes that many valuable workers are being prevented from contributing to the American economy.

"Today, competition for highly skilled workers is truly global. If it wishes to stay competitive, the United States cannot afford to continue its backward policies. The government should increase the [H-1B American visa] quotas as soon as possible in order to avoid losing another generation of some of the world's most talented workers."

The article particularly notes the contribution of foreigners with American visas in the high-tech industries and venture capital companies, including electrical engineers and computer scientists.

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