A nurse's New Zealand visa application rejected for weight issues

- Posted in New Zealand by Visa Bureauon 01 May 2009

The government will not grant any permanent New Zealand visa application to any person that they feel would cost a long-term strain on the health system.  As part of the necessary health and medical checks needed when applying for a New Zealand skilled visa, the woman was flagged by a doctor as having "morbid obesity in otherwise well lady" and could potentially cost the New Zealand government up to $25,000 in healthcare costs.

According to The Telegraph, the family decided that emigrating to New Zealand would be a necessary change in their life after holidaying there two years ago, obviously captured by the relaxed, fresh lifestyle and the opportunities for Registered Nurse jobs in New Zealand.

Although officials have said that nurses are in shortage in New Zealand, and despite the fact she had a job offer already in a nursing home and that she and her husband "would make a sound, but it could not be said significant, contribution to New Zealand", they could not grant the New Zealand visa application.

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