Automotive Electrician and Mechanic jobs New Zealand

321 - Automotive Electricians and Mechanics

Automotive Electricians and Mechanics repair and maintain automotive electrical systems and motor vehicle and other internal combustion engines.


  • diagnosing electrical and mechanical faults in motor vehicles and small engines
  • dismantling engines and electrical systems
  • repairing and replacing worn and defective parts
  • installing electrical equipment and electronic components in motor vehicles
  • testing and adjusting electrical and mechanical systems and parts after repair for proper performance
  • performing scheduled maintenance on motor vehicles


  • 3211 Automotive Electricians
  • 3212 Motor Mechanics

Minimum Requirements

  • ANZSCO Skill Level 3

If the above ANZSCO code 321 for Automotive Electricians and Mechanics is your current occupation then you have a very good chance of qualifying for a skilled New Zealand visa. For more detailed visa information, please complete a no obligation Online Assessment and select a call back time when a Visa Bureau migration consultant will call you and explain the migration process in detail.

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Automotive Electrician and Mechanic jobs New Zealand - If your profession is Automotive Electrician and Mechanic as described above then there is a good chance that the New Zealand Visa Bureau can help you find a job in New Zealand. There are jobs available now in your occupation but you will require a permanent or temporary New Zealand visa to work in New Zealand. Take either the Skilled visa or Working Holiday visa online assessment to see if you qualify.

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