Working Holiday Visa Conditions

Travellers who are living and working in New Zealand under the Working Holiday Maker Scheme must abide by the following conditions:

  • They must not undertake permanent employment unless they apply for and obtain a Work Permit that enables this; and
  • They may enrol in one or more training or study course for no more than 3 months' duration during the course of their visit to New Zealand.

Once in New Zealand holders of such permits may, at any time during the currency of that permit, apply to change their status.

Apply for a Working Holiday Visa

Working Holiday Makers may change their status to:

  • A long-term temporary worker;
  • A student; or
  • A resident.

Once their working status has been changed, applicants will be considered under those immigration policies relevant to the type of permit they will be living under in New Zealand.

Working Holiday Guide

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New Zealand Working Holiday Guide

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