Work Permit: Specialist Skill

The Specialist Skill Work Permit category was designed to facilitate the entry of specialist skill applicants with the potential to contribute to New Zealand's economic development.

From 1 July 2001, national representative organisations or industries in New Zealand have been able to make submissions to the New Zealand Immigration Service requesting special provisions allowing the employment of such applicants.

These organisations or industries must be able to:

  • Demonstrate to the NZIS they are experiencing significant difficulty recruiting highly skilled specialist employees from within New Zealand;
  • Provide evidence that the occupation is highly skilled, and could contribute to New Zealand's economic development; and
  • Give clear reasons why a special provision is requested for that occupation.

To qualify for a Specialist Skill Work Permit the employer in New Zealand will need to be able to satisfy all of the above criteria, and have the terms of the permit accepted by the NZIS.

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