Emigration to New Zealand

Emigration to New Zealand follows a step-by-step process of application, from an initial self assessment to final settlement in New Zealand.

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Emigration Process

Step Process
Step 1: Eligibility

To be eligible for emigration to New Zealand under the Skilled Migrant category, you must:

  • Be under 56 years of age;
  • Meet the health, character and English language requirements;
  • You must also be able to score at least 100 points in the Points System to submit an Expression of Interest. Points are assigned on the basis of your skills, relevant work experience, qualifications, age and if you have a job offer in New Zealand.

In addition, further points are awarded if an eligible partner has any relevant skills, work experience, qualifications or a job offer.

Step 2: Expression of Interest An Expression of Interest allows the NZIS to assess your health, character, age and English language ability as well as other relevant information.
Step 3: Selection of Expressions of Interest Expressions of Interest are pooled and ranked from highest to lowest points. Regular selections are made from the pool and successful applicants will be invited by the NZIS to lodge an application for residence.
Step 4: Application for Residence In your application you will need to supply evidence to support all claims made in your Expression of Interest. The date that you make your  residence application with the NZIS determines the policy that your application will be assessed against. It is therefore vital to lodge your application as soon as possible to avoid any potentially negative changes to migration legislation.
Step 5: Assessment The NZIS assesses the evidence provided in the application, as well as your ability to make a valuable contribution to New Zealand's social and economic development.

If the NZIS approves your application, you will be granted a visa and permit for emigration to New Zealand.

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