New Zealand Dependent Child Visa

This category is for dependent children of New Zealand citizens or residents who want to live permanently in New Zealand.

Dependent children are those considered to be totally or substantially reliant on an adult for financial support, whether you live with that adult or not. Sponsoring adults must be New Zealand citizens or residents.

For a child to be sponsored on a Dependent Child visa, a parent or legal guardian must be living lawfully and permanently in New Zealand as:

  • Citizen(s) of New Zealand;
  • Holder(s) of New Zealand Residence Permits;
  • Holder(s) of current New Zealand Returning Resident's Visa(s); OR
  • Citizen(s) of Australia living in New Zealand.

Dependent children can also be up to the age of 24, and must meet all eligibility requirements to qualify for residence in New Zealand.

For children under 16 years of age and who have a parent living outside New Zealand, evidence must be provided that custody or visitation rights of the parent living outside New Zealand will not be breached by the dependent child gaining the New Zealand visa.

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