New Zealand Embassy

The New Zealand Embassy in the United Kingdom is called the New Zealand High Commission.  The High Commission can be found at New Zealand House.

The New Zealand High Commission in London is an overseas post of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The High Commission is to manages New Zealand's political, economic and trade relations with the United Kingdom and Ireland. The High Commission also provides diplomatic and consular services to New Zealanders in the UK and Ireland.

Apply for a New Zealand Working Holiday Visa

Young people aged between 18 and 30 can apply for a Working Holiday Visa and get the opportunity to travel to New Zealand and undertake employment during their stay.

Apply for a Working Holiday Visa
Working Holiday Visa Basic Requirements

To qualify for this scheme, applicants must:

  • Be a citizen of a country which has a working holiday agreement with New Zealand;
  • Meet Working Holiday basic requirements, such as age, health and character prerequisites; and
  • Meet specific criteria based on the applicant's country of origin, including the length of stay and available funds.

Through applying and paying for your Working Holiday Visa through the New Zealand Visa Bureau, your application will be managed through to completion by our Visa Processing Department.

You will also be given access to our Working Holiday Visa Platinum Package, which includes exclusive bonuses like free hostel nights, discounts and offers on activities and travel in New Zealand and provides assistance setting up such essentials like a New Zealand bank account, travel insurance and a New Zealand tax number. The service also entitles you to access our email and telephonic helpdesk to ensure that your New Zealand Working Holiday visa application is a seamless, simple process.

  • Applications for a New Zealand Working Holiday Visa can be made online.
Apply for a Working Holiday Visa

The reason it is called a High Commission and not an Embassy, which is the more commonly known term, is because permanent diplomatic missions between Commonwealth countries are known as High Commissions. 

New Zealand Visa and Migration Queries

Below you can find information about common New Zealand visas, online applications and free assessments.

Working Holiday Visa

New Zealand Immigration allows young travellers between the ages of 18 and 30 to work and travel in New Zealand through the Working Holiday Scheme.

Skilled Migration

The Skilled Migration Category facilitates the entry of skilled migrants into New Zealand, and is a way for independent migrants to gain permanent residence.

Work Permit Policy

Work Permits are designed to attract overseas workers who will contribute to New Zealand business. This is a temporary work category, with the opportunity to gain residence at a later date.

Family Migration Policy

The Family Migration Category allows the entry of partners and family members of New Zealand citizens and residents. Children and dependents can also be included.

New Zealand Embassy Address:

  • New Zealand House
    80 Haymarket
    London SW1Y 4TQ
    United Kingdom
    Tel: 020 7930 8422
    Fax: 020 7839 4580

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