New Zealand’s mad and crazy things to do

by Stephanie - 05/10/2010 15:25:00

Ever had a bungy jump? Been blasted down a whitewater river in an inflatable boat? What does it feel like to roll head-over-heels down a hill inside a giant plastic ball? When it comes to adrenaline pumping crazy stuff, New Zealand is the place!


Perhaps what first springs to mind when you think of New Zealand is the bungy jump (pun intended).
Bungy was invented in New Zealand!

Inspired by the land divers of Pentecost Island and daring leaps made by the Oxford University Dangerous Sport Club, New Zealander A.J. Hackett turned bungy jumping into a business in 1988. Today he has jumps in Auckland and Queenstown, including the wickedly-scary Nevis Highwire - an 8.5 second free-fall above the Nevis River.

Put your Platinum Card to good use with a half price bungy jump with Taupo Bungy, one of the country’s leading bungy operators. They are only 10 mins walk from the main centre of Taupo and they have New Zealand’s highest water touch bungy.

But there is more than just bungy jumping if you are after some fresh air. Taupo Bungy also have a extreme cliff swing dropping down 38 metres or so before barrelling up again. You can swing seated, in a lay-back style or completely upside down for the full head rush!

Queenstown has the Shotover Canyon Swing, which is a bit like being in a playground that’s 35 storeys off the ground; and the Mokai Gravity Canyon in the Manawatu region has a giant bridge swing - a mind-blowing thrill that begins with a 50-metre freefall.


Surrounded by ocean and riddled with rivers, New Zealand is a fantastic place for water fun. If you are after some serious whitewater action than Queenstown is the place for you – and Queenstown Rafting is who you want to speak to!

Queenstown Rafting have two courses, Shotover River and Kawarau River, so you can choose just how rough you want to trip to be. Shotover River is the big daddy – with numerous rapids to get the adrenaline going and a 170 long tunnel to paddle in darkness before a final cascade of rapids to end.

Kawarau River is ideal for the first time rafters and adrenaline seekers alike – there is time to sit back and enjoy the spectacular scenery along the way before the unforgettable 400m dog leg rapid to finish.

Queenstown Rafting offers 20 per cent discount for Platinum Card holders – so you could do both!

In Taranaki you can try dam dropping - a plunge down 30 metres of rushing water. This particular kind of madness is a form of river sledging, where you conquer white water rapids armed only with a body board, helmet and flippers. In Eastland you’ll find another kind of river fun at Rere Falls. Here you can slide down a 60-metre natural water slide - "Woohoo!" doesn’t begin to describe it.



Try travelling down a hill inside a large, inflatable ball – yep, zorbing! Warm water is often added to make the experience even more fun. Rotorua is the place for some great zorbing.

Dune surfing is great on the giant sand hills of Cape Reinga and the Hokianga. The walking up is the hard work, but the zooming down is a total blast.

Heliskiing is all about no compromises. It’s for adventurers who are seeking pure adrenalin and pure freedom.
New Zealand’s World Heritage alpine parks offer all these ingredients, plus the added benefit of breathtaking scenery to fill those few idle seconds at the beginning and end of each run.


Propelled by a water jet system that was invented by a Kiwi, jet boats can navigate shallow, fast-running rivers at amazing speeds. These ridiculously fast boats can do full 360˚ spins, and are one of the essential Kiwi experiences for travellers to New Zealand.

Shotover Jet in Queenstown is one of the best with over two million people having caught the canyons with them since 1970. Best yet, Platinum Card holders get 40 per cent off on a jet boat ride with Shotover Jet!

Reach parts of New Zealand that can’t be reached by road on a quad bike safari! Zoom through the forest, along beaches and across farmland – all while on a serious bike beast. Top quad-biking areas include Northland’s Ninety-Mile Beach, the Woodhill Forest and Muriwai Beach in Auckland, the Gannet Colony at Cape Kidnappers, and Hanmer Springs in the South Island.


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