New Zealand February fun - that doesn't involve Valentines Day!

by Dominic - 09/02/2012 13:23:00
What's the point in February? The shortest month of the year, still cold and broke from Christmas, the only thing of note in February is Valentines Day, and that's hardly great. If you're in a relationship you have to spend more money for a Hallmark holiday on soppy pink stuff that won't see March and if you're single you have to stomach couples rubbing their happiness in your face everywhere you look.

So just what is the point? Well, if you happen to find yourself in New Zealand during February then, single and lonely or involved and bored, there's plenty to do this month. 

Here's a look at some of the best things going on. 

The guy at the other end of this
picture just yelled "Go on then,
I DARE you to shoot!"

Taking place until the 12th of February, New Zealand's largest sporting event with over 6,000 participants, the New Zealand Masters Games has already been underway for a few days but there are still plenty of events left in the biennial event including archery, basketball, snooker, ice hockey and clay pigeon shooting as well as the closing ceremony on the last Sunday.

If you're in Auckland on the 15th then you can get involved with a bit of beer tasting, that's right, you heard correctly - beer tasting. 

Auckland's newest brewery, located right in the heart of the city, offers you the chance to come and enjoy beers for a range of tastes and styles and learn how to sound like a massive show off as you explain to people the subtle differences between Carlsberg and Carlsberg Export.

This isn't really up for debate sorry.

If you like beer but you can't make it to Auckland, or if you REALLY like beer and are prepared to get to Christchurch by the 19th of February then the Belgium Beer Festival should be plenty to getting on with.

While the range of Belgian beers on tap might be enough to lure most people, the festival also has plenty of Belgian chocolate, fritters and the king of food full stop, Belgian waffles (yes they are).

Fringe Festivals are known for
their very traditional performances,
nothing out of the ordinary by
stable, well balanced performers.

Just because you may be about as far away from the Edinburgh Fringe as it's possible to get, that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy everything the festival represents in New Zealand.

The New Zealand Fringe Festival between the 10th February and 3rd March offers punters the chance to enjoy everything from to experimental dance, theatre to jungle music; the only rule is, there are no rules.

Well, there are plenty of rules, including no wearing bowler hats, no combining socks and sandals and no sideways looks at other people's food, but any SHOW can be put on at the Fringe, that's the whole point - it's on the fringe!

If you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere in your leisure time, perhaps a more refined way of life then Devonport Food, Wine and Music Festival in Auckland between the 18th and 19th is definitely for you.

Held on the edge of Waitemata Harbour in Devonport, north of Auckland's centre, the festival boasts wines from over 20 New Zealand wineries as well as a plethora of different foods. And while you're enjoying your delicious cuisine and looking out over Auckland's CBD, you can be entertained by some of New Zealand's top music and comedy acts.

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