28 August 2009

Czechs can apply for Canadian visa in Prague

Czechs will be able to apply for Canadian visas at the Canadian embassy in Prague drop-box until November 13 and not until mid-August as was planned originally.

Canadian Visa

Czech nationals can apply for a Canadian visa in Prague.

Canadian visas for Czechs are usually applied for personally at the Canadian embassy in Vienna, but applicants who did not need a Canadian Visa urgently were able to post their applications in Prague at the Canadian embassy.

Canada reimposed Canadian Visa requirements for Czechs in July provoking tensions with the Czech Republic. Canada also imposed visa requirements for Mexican nationals.

The Czech government wants its Canadian counterparts to reassess their step and it also wants the European Union to contribute to the lifting of the Canadian visas.

However, it's believed Canadian authorities were not planning any changes in their immigration policy.

The Canadian authorities have received 2581 Canadian Visa applications from Czech nationals since the beginning of July, and have issued 2500 visas to Czech citizens between July 14 and August 7, approving 99.4 per cent of the  Canadian visa applications.

The Canadian Visa Bureau is an independent consulting company specialising in helping people with Canadian visa and immigration applications.

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