24 March 2009

British MP denied Canadian visa

The Canadian immigration department denied a British MP a Canadian visa after applying to enter the country to deliver an address at Carleton University, reports the Vancouver Sun.

George Galloway had his Canadian visa application rejected by the Canadian Border Services Agency because he the government feels he could be a threat to national security.  Galloway, who is an advocate for stopping the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, recently donated money to the Hamas-led government of the Palestinian territories.

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said he stands by his Government's decision to reject Galloway's Canadian visa application.

"I don't see why we should make exceptions and override the decision of our professional border security agents in making a judgment about the inadmissibility of someone who provides funding and resources to an illegal terrorist organization," Kenney told reporters outside the House of Commons.

As Hamas is on the Canadian government's list of terrorist organisations, and any person who is deemed to be engaging in terrorism is a national security risk, Galloway's visa was rejected.

Galloway is going to take his case to court to see if it can be appealed.  

"I'll be heard in Canada either electronically or in person," he told Canwest News Service. "We've not given up hope; there's an appeals process and we've appealed."

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