23 October 2008

Nova Scotia government gives refund to immigrants

This week, Immigration Minister Len Goucher announced more immigrants would be eligible for a refund of their fees paid for a faulty migration program, reports the Canadian Press.

The work program attracted more than 800 Canadian visa holders to Nova Scotia who paid $130,000 in fees for the guarantee of middle-management jobs.  Many people complained they did not receive the training they paid for when they arrived in Canada.

All immigrants who took part in this programme and have been living in Nova Scotia for 12 consecutive months are now eligible for a refund of their fees, under a scheme called the residency refund.  The residency refund was introduced 12 months ago and was designed to give migrants the opportunity to complete a business mentorship programme with a local employer.  Only those who had not signed agreements with businesses were eligible for a refund; however, now the scheme has been expanded to those who signed employment contracts with Nova Scotia businesses before October 2007.

"We believe that nominees and their families, who have proven their commitment to Nova Scotia and building their futures here, should be eligible for the refund as well," said Mr Goucher in a statement.

To qualify for the residency refund, immigrants must have started work with a business mentor under the program before October 2007.  They and their dependents must also have lived in the province for at least 12 consecutive months before this month, and have been living in Nova Scotia after 01 October when they made their application.

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Article by Jessica Bird, Canadian Visa Bureau.

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