22 January 2010

Canadian Immigration announces first Haitian orphans will arrive this weekend

Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Minister Jason Kenney has announced that the first group of Haitian orphans being adopted by Canadian families will arrive this weekend.

Canadian immigration

Canadian Immigration have announced the first adopted Haitian children will arrive in Canada this weekend.

The arrivals are the first as part of the special expedited process Canadian Immigration officials announced following the Haitian earthquake.

Expedited processing will also be given to new and existing sponsorship Canadian Visa applications from Canadian citizens, permanent residents and protected persons who have close family members in Haiti.

Mr Kenney said 100 children in the federal government’s system are at the final stages of adoption and all of  these children survived last week’s earthquake, although several are ill.

Most of these families have been contacted by Canadian immigration officials, Mr Kenney said.

The Canadian Immigration department is now at the stage where the Haitian government will be provided with confirmation of the names of the children that will be taken home to Canada and out of the disaster zone.

Canadian families who were nearly finished the adoption process have had great concerns about their Haitian children, many of whom are considered to be living in horrendous circumstances since the disaster.

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