21 November 2008

New website for prospective immigrants to Niagara

The Canadian Government developed a new website to attract more migrants to Niagara, reports the Niagara Region news.

Supported by the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration, niagaraimmigration.ca is a virtual portal for prospective immigrants containing up-to-date information regarding the labour market, cost of living and settlement services.  The site also provides an online forum where immigrants can meet new friends, ask questions and discuss issues on any topic related to the immigrant experience.

The website creators aim to provide unlimited information to encourage migrants to move to Canada, and easy access to government services including settlement assistance programmes.  

Regional chairman Peter Partington said the portal would work well in meeting the needs of Canada's skills shortages.  "Particularly for Niagara, this represents a unique approach to addressing the forecasted challenging labour demands."

Regional councillor and co-chair of the Public Health and Social Services Committee Brian Baty said Niagara has always attracted highly skilled migrants yet the website would be crucial in expanding Canadian immigration in step with the economy.

"In Niagara, we’ll experience a shortage of skilled workers over the next decade and we’ll need to respond with a supply of highly skilled workers in order to meet labour demands," Mr Baty said.

"Many of the newcomers arriving in Niagara are very articulate, highly skilled and well-educated with much to contribute to our local labour market.  The portal will further attract immigration and investment to Niagara."

Over 100 agencies have been set up on the ground for Niagara immigrants, and representatives from these agencies have teamed up with the Niagara Region to provide a single point of access for potential migrants on the website.

Niagara Region has also set up a Facebook account – Niagara Canada Immigrants.

The Canadian Visa Bureau is an independent consulting company specialising in helping people apply for Canada visa and immigration services.

Article by Jessica Bird, Canadian Visa Bureau.

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