21 September 2009

Irish recruitment guru says emigrate to Canada

Mairead Fleming, Director of Brightwater, the Irish recruitment agency, did not hesitate for a second when asked where was the best place to emigrate.

Emigrate to Canada

An Irish recruitment agent has named Canada her top pick, saying those who emigrate to Canada face a wealth of job opportunities.

"Canada," she told the Ireland Independent.

"That's where I would emigrate to if I had to."

Fleming's recommendation to emigrate to Canada comes because she is consistently struck with the sheer wealth of jobs available in Canada, even at a time where the recession is drying up opportunities in other places in the world.

"It hasn't been affected by the worldwide recession in the way that Ireland and the UK have been. There are a lot of engineering roles there. The banking sector is very stable.

"There are plenty of opportunities for accountants and that's good news for people who worked in the 'big four' firms here who didn't get their contracts renewed," said Fleming.

Flemings pick for Canada as the most promising destination for migrants comes as Dublin's Working Abroad fair takes place in Dublin. 

Working Abroad fair organiser Stephen McLarnon said there was a lot of Irish interest in Canada at the moment, particularly with white-collar workers.

"The Canadian Ambassador to Ireland, Patrick Binns, has spoken about Canada's need for more than 200,000 skilled immigrants," organiser Stephen McLarnon says.

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