21 May 2008

Canadian government launches project to help visa holders integrate

The Canadian government has announced a project to help visa holders to gain employment in the country. Monte Solberg, Minister for Human Resources and Social Development, announced the workplace skills initiative, which will also address skills gaps and labour shortages in industry.

Over CA$560,000 (£289,000) will be invested in the scheme which will help those engaged in Canadian immigration to integrate into the workplace and gain the skills needed. Claudette Legault, executive director of the Metropolitan Immigrant Settlement Association, said: "We are thrilled with the funding, which will allow us to enhance the labour market supports we already offer."

"The project also complements the goals of the Province in relation to its immigration and labour, and work force development strategies. It is a win-win situation for us all," she added. Len Goucher, the Immigration Minister for Nova Scotia, said attracting and retaining new immigrants is "vital" to the area's development. It was recently revealed that the New Brunswick area is popular with Canadian visa holders.

Canada welcomes new immigrants: The Canadian Visa Bureau can assist skilled workers interested in Canadian immigration. More information on Canadian visas is available on the website. Anyone applying for a Canadian visa should begin by completing the online Canadian visa application to see if they meet the legislative requirements.

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