18 November 2008

Four fifths of Indian students in Canada apply for permanent residency

Around 80 per cent of Indian students in Canada apply for permanent residency, with a success rate of 99 per cent, reports Express India.

On a promotional tour in India, Canadian University Application Centre managing director Mel Broitman told university students they have a very high chance of gaining Canadian permanent residency if they study in Canada. 

"With the success rate of Indian students becoming Permanent Residents (PR) in Canada recorded at 99 per cent, Canada has a high population of Indian students today.  Roughly 80 per cent of them apply for PR after the completion of their studies," Mr Broitman said.

He also said the Indian student population would be useful in meeting the needs of Canadian immigration, whereby he says 300,000 immigrants are required annually to fuel the growing Canadian economy.

"Canada is very actively promoting immigration so that it can add to its population.  It has a population of 32 million people and there is a need to increase the population.  Due to negative population growth rate, Indian students make the best immigrants," Mr Broitman added.

While the number of Indian students leaving for Canada does not compare with that leaving for Australia, the Canadian universities attest Indian students would have a much better chance of getting permanent residency in their country than anywhere else.  Further, they argue the study expenses in Canada would be much less than some other countries, while the standard of living much higher.

The government automatically grants all Indian students holding a Canadian student visa a work permit after graduation. 

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Article by Jessica Bird, Canadian Visa Bureau.

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