17 April 2008

Shortage of nurses may boost Canadian visas

A shortage of nurses in Canada is resulting in patients waiting longer than expected for treatment. As a result, nurses moving to the country through Canadian immigration may find it relatively easy to find a job, with the National Capital Region currently short of 90 full-time nurses.

Geri Geldart, vice president of hospital care for the River Valley region, told the Daily Gleaner: "The biggest issue in the operating room is [the number of] maternity leaves. As those folks start to come back, we'll be able to reopen that operating room. We continue to recruit and train new people into the operating room, but it's a long learning curve. It takes a while to develop that specialty." Although graduate nurses will be used to fill some of the shortages, more will be needed and it is possible health authorities will look at Canadian immigration as a way to solve the crisis. Entry into Canada to work requires a Canadian skilled worker visa.

Canada needs qualified nurses: The Canadian Visa Bureau can assist skilled workers interested in Canadian immigration. More information on Canadian visas is available on the website. Anyone applying for a Canadian visa should begin by completing the online Canadian visa application to see if they meet the legislative requirements.

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