17 February 2011

New Brunswick needs an accelerated Canadian immigration process, says professor

A university professer has called for New Brunswick to take control of its immigration and provide an for an accelerated immigration process for workers with needed skills.

Canadian immigration

New Brunswick should have its own immigration policy to attract workers directly needed in the economy.

Constantine Passaris, an economics professor who studies immigration issues at the University of New Brunswick, says with more autonomy the Government could actively recruit potential immigrants.

"What we want to do is organize our immigration intake so that it complements, rather than conflicts with, the talents and resources that we have. It could be beneficial in terms of connecting the skills, talents, education and competencies of the immigrants with the type of skills and jobs that we need filled in New Brunswick," he said.

Other than the Provincial Nominee Program , Passaris says there aren't any province-specific initiatives to attract newcomers – except in Quebec, as the province controls its own policies in the area because of language issues.

The New Brunswick Premier has also said that the province should take control of immigration from the federal government to attract new residents.

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