15 April 2009

New citizenship rules for Canadian visa holders

A certain band of Canadian visa holders will be able to have their Canadian citizenship approved after changes were made to the Citizenship Act.

After the changes are implemented this month, Canadian visa  holders that were had citizenship but lost it, or never had their citizenship application approved may now have the right to Canadian citizenship.

Essentially, the changes mean that Canadian immigrants who became citizens on or after January 1, 1947 and since that date lost their citizenship will have their citizenship reinstated.  Also, those Canadian visa holders born to a Canadian parent offshore and who moved to Canada in the first generation of migrants on or after the January 1, 1947 will also have their Canadian citizenship approved.

Those born to Canadian parents offshore can apply for Canadian citizenship, if they are of the first generation.

The Government has released a video to promote the new citizenship law, so that all those affected by the changes will take advantage and become citizens.

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