14 July 2010

Chinese migrants name Canada as second most-desired country

Canada is the second-most desired country for Chinese migrants, a new survey has found.

Canadian Visa

Chinese migrants have named Canada as the second-most desired destination for permanent migration.

According to a survey released Monday afternoon by SUCCESS, EMR International and the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, Canada is also the third most-desired destination for Chinese tourists.

Australia achieved the top destination for both Chinese tourists and emigrants, but the country has a long marketing history in China. Australia was one of the first countries to obtain approved destination status (ADS) in 1999.

Canada only signed the agreement establishing ADS between China and Canada last month, but the approval is hoped to provide a strong increase in the number of visitors and Canadian Visa numbers from China.

The ADS designation allows Chinese tourists to visit in organized, pre-sold tourist groups.

In the past, countries that receive ADS designation experience a 40-per-cent jump in Chinese visitors the first year, increasing to more than 50 per cent after two years.

According to Statistics Canada, some 41,098 Chinese tourists have come to Canada so far this year.

The telephone poll surveyed 1,080 people living in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Other findings included that Canada immigration is most popular among Beijingers, while Shanghai and Guangzhou residents prefer Australia.

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