13 December 2007

Victoria has lowest jobless rate - needs Canadian immigration

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The region surrounding the city of Victoria in Canada has the lowest unemployment rate in Canada and businesses are calling it a workforce crisis, reports the Chronicle Herald. Britons considering Canadian immigration will find employers desperate to recruit and retain staff.

Statistics Canada released figures last week indicating the unemployment rate is now around 2.8 per cent. That is a full percentage point decrease from the same time in 2006. Overall in the province of British Columbia the jobless rate fell to 4.2 per cent in November, down from 4.4 per cent in October, according to the Statistics Canada labour force survey.

Combine this with the declining birth rate, rising baby boomer retirements, and a growing economy equals a "looming labour headache", according to Ken Stratford, head of the Greater Victoria Economic Development Commission.

This year there has been significant job growth in trade, construction, information, culture and recreation, and transportation and warehousing. The construction industry in particular is crying out for skilled workers with Canadian visas as it generated an extra 12,000 jobs in November alone.

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