12 March 2010

Prime Minister says Canadian economy creating jobs

Canada’s economy has already started to create jobs and the government will extend stimulus measures until the economy is fully repaired, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said.

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The Canadian economy is improving at a rate faster than the Bank of Canada's prediction.

“Canada’s economy, unlike most, is already beginning to create some net new jobs,” Harper said in Parliament although saying that signs of a recovery do not mean it’s time to “declare success and relax”.

“The lesson from the crumbling banks and budgets elsewhere is that there is never a time that a government can afford to take its hands completely off the wheel of the economy, no matter how smoothly we’re riding,” he said.

Mr Harper said Canada’s domestic demand is strong, and recovery is steady with a growing sense of optimism.

Statistic Canada said this month that the economy grew at a 5 per cent pace in the fourth quarter, faster than the Bank of Canada’s January 21 prediction of 3.3 per cent.

“This country is going to emerge from this recession in the strongest position of any first-tier economy,” Harper said.

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