11 December 2009

New Canadian Embassy to open in Prague

Czech nationals will be able to apply for Canadian visas in Prague as of 21 December 21, the Canadian Government has announced.

In July, Ottawa re-imposed its Canadian Visa requirements for Czech nationals wanting to visit or travel through Canada. 

Czechs were forced to apply for their visas in person at the Canadian Embassy in Vienna as the Prague Embassy did not have a visa department.

In addition to existing services, as of 21 December, Canadian Visa applicants will now be able to submit their applications, speak to a Canadian Immigration office employee and pick up their visas at the Embassy in Prague.

Czech travel agencies have welcomed announcement, saying it will help boost tourism and the ease of travel to Canada, although they view the visa requirements as complication to their businesses.

The news of a new visa section in the Canadian Embassy in Prague was officially confirmed by Jason Kenney, Canadian Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism.

Canada re-imposed visas on Czechs in mid-July due to the increasing number of Czechs, mainly Romanies, asking for political asylum in Canada, claims the Canadian Government says it mostly unfounded.

The Canadian Visa Bureau is an independent consulting company specialising in helping people with their Canadian Immigration application to the Canadian Embassy.

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