10 March 2011

Canadian Embassy in Beijing cracks down on bogus chef applications

Canadian Embassy in Beijing has cracked down on Chinese nationals posing as chefs to fraudulently obtain visas under a provincial work program.

Canadian Visa

The Canadian Embassy in Beijing is seeing consistant fraud for Canadian Visa applications under the provincial nominee category.

The bogus chefs use phoney job offer letters from Canadian restaurants, claiming their cooking skills are excellent and needed.

The letters are given to Canadian Embassy officials to obtain a visa under a provincial nominee program for Ontario.

The April 2010 “Fraud in the Provincial Nominee Program in Beijing” report said in 2009, about 129 cases were refused a Canadian Visa due to misrepresentation.

The report’s author was Canadian Immigration official Francesca Imperato, who said “Beijing has experienced a consistent incidence of fraud for cases submitted under the provincial nominee category”.

“The most common occupation where fraud was identified was that of cooks with a total of 36 fraudulent cases”.

In 2009, Canadian Visa officers in Beijing discovered eight bogus welders, six electricians and three business managers, many of whom had letters of employment promised by Ontario firms that did not exist.

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