09 July 2010

Co-operation between US and Canada immigration to enhance relationship

Officials met yesterday to discuss a range of issues including Canada immigration, border security and ways to expedite legitimate travel and commerce between Canada and the US.

Canada Visa

US and Canada Visa and immigration issues were discussed by the two countries recently.

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano and Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) Minister Jason Kenney also signed a Terms of Reference to formalize the long-standing Visa Policy Working Group—institutionalizing this joint forum that aids bilateral consultations and information sharing about US and Canada visa, admissibility, and screening policies.

“Canada’s longstanding geographic, economic and social ties with the United States are a source of strength for both countries,” said Minister Kenney.

“By sharing information and working together we can redefine approaches to identifying and screening travelers to expedite the flow of individuals moving legitimately across our borders, while protecting against those who would threaten our shared peace and prosperity.”

Secretary Napolitano and Canada Immigration Minister Kenney also discussed the progress made since they last met in May 2009, and identified further opportunities for information sharing and collaboration relating to immigration, refugee policies, and the traveler identity verification process.

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