09 April 2010

Former political leader says diversity and Canadian immigration important for business

Making diversity a main priority should be top of the agenda for businesses, former leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservatives said.

Canada Immigration

Diversity and Canadian immigration is the key to business success.

John Tory said "tens of thousands" of people have been invited to immigrate to Canada and many are among the "best and brightest".

Mr Tory said it was a smart business decision for workplaces to be inclusive.

"Diversity is one of the most fundamentally important topics in the business world today," he told the crowd.

He praised Hamilton as an accepting city for new Canadian immigrants, specifically the Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion which is a community-based resource centre that helps businesses and service providers create more inclusive work environments.

Mr Tory said that Canada needed to provide greater support for Canadian immigration and help immigrants integrate into society.

"My experience has been that nobody is looking for a handout. They're looking for a chance to show what they can do."

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