08 January 2008

Government invests in Canadian immigration

The Canadian government has announced it will invest more money on research into Canadian immigration. The C$7.5 million funding will be spent over the next five years on a research project on globalisation, migration and diversity.

"The successful integration of immigrants is crucial to Canada's social and economic well-being," explained the honourable Diane Finley, minister of citizenship and immigration in the official announcement. "We have much to gain from exploring the effects of migration on the strength of our economy, the security of our nation, and the relationships between different cultures living side by side within our borders," she concluded.

Dr Chad Gaffield, president of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), added: "The Metropolis Project is addressing urgent societal issues as we attempt to build a more inclusive society and to understand the connections between immigration and globalisation."

The minister and Dr Gaffield jointly announced the funding yesterday. Citizenship and Immigration Canada, along with other federal agencies, is providing C$4.4 million and SSHRC C$3.1 million.

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