06 April 2010

Montreal needs to attract new immigrants to increase growth

A study commissioned by Montreal’s chamber of commerce has blamed poor governance the reason why the city has not managed to attract immigrants and grow in business and population.

Canada immigration

Montreal needs to attract more business growth and new migrants, a study has found.

Montreal ranks 16th in population in North America, but the rate of population growth  -  0.9 per cent a year - puts the city last among the 30 largest cities in the US and Canada.

The city also only attracts 35,000 immigrants per year in contrast to the 100,000 per year who settle in Toronto. This has been attributed in part to the language barrier migrants might experience in Montreal, and that Canadian immigration to English-speaking provinces is easier for many migrants.

The study group, co-chaired by economist Marcel Côté and by former deputy minister Claude Séguin, found a high degree of fragmentation and overlap among the bodies entrusted with governing the Montreal region, from public transport to economic development.

This has translated into a low level of private investment, poor productivity growth and lagging educational performance.

To improve the economic growth of Montreal, the study has recommended priority for infrastructure investments in the metro area and an improvement among the agencies charged with developing the Montreal economy.

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