04 December 2007

Canada needs more immigration: Census results

The latest Canadian census information was released today and it shows that a declining birth rate and aging population will make Canadian immigration the sole source of population growth sometime after 2030.

The census data covers the period from 2001 to 2006 and reveals that approximately 1.2 million immigrants settled in Canada. This accounted for two-thirds of Canada's population growth. Provinces such as Ottawa actively campaign to attract skilled workers from around the world and say this is necessary to grow the economy.

Canadian immigration is a topic of some debate within the country and Canadians have a strong sense of fairplay when it comes to recognising the qualifications of foreign-trained workers, according to Bruce Anderson, president of Harris-Decima Research, which conducted the census. "They come here, they are here, they should be treated the same as everybody else. I think [that's] a pretty overwhelming sentiment," he said.

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