03 March 2009

Fourteen more libraries get settlement services for Canadian immigrants

John Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, has announced his settlement programme for Canadian immigrants would be expanded into 14 more libraries in Southern Ontario.

The Government would be investing $1.9 million into the expansion programme, called the Library Settlement Partnerships Programme.  The pilot programme has successfully been running in Toronto, Ottawa and Hamilton, and the Government has recognised its ability to ease the settlement process for the hundreds of thousands who move to Canada every year.

"Our Government is helping make settlement services more accessible to immigrants," said Minister Kenney.  "This investment will give newcomers in our community access to settlement services to help ease their transition to life in Canada.  Their success will strengthen this community and Canada."

Services included in the programme range from group orientation workshops to researching local housing, transportation and employment opportunities.

Since 2006, the Canadian Government has proven its increasing commitment to making Canadian immigration a world-class and competitive system; since then they have promised a further $1.4 billion for investment to the programme over a five-year period for all provinces and territories outside Quebec. 

The Canadian Visa Bureau is an independent consulting company specialising in helping people apply for Canada visa and immigration services.

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