02 December 2010

Special advisor on Canadian immigration says human smuggling arrests will come soon

The new special adviser on human smuggling and illegal migration has said he expects the Royal Canadian Mounted Police will soon make arrests of those involved in human smuggling to Canada.

Canadian Visa

A focus on illegal Canadian immigration and people smuggling is underway.

Ward Elcock gave his first media interview since taking the special advisor position, indicating that there is a major crackdown on human smugglers and illegal Canadian Immigration underway.

Elcock was appointed in the wake of the arrival of the MV Sun Sea ship in British Columbia in August this year carrying nearly 500 Tamil migrants.

The MV Ocean Lady, arrived in October 2009 with more than 75 Tamils on board. The migrants allegedly paid up to $60,000 a person to people smugglers to make the dangerous voyage to Canada.

His role is to work with countries that are traditionally transit places for illegal migrants, and strengthen their capacity for enforcement, as well as the laws and policies that govern human smuggling. 

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