New Baz Luhrmann Australian tourism campaign launched!

by Tom 14/10/2008 14:57:00

The long-awaited new Baz Luhrmann-helmed Australian tourism campaign has finally launched! With the backing of AU $40 million, the 'Come Walkabout' series of ads has started to hit TV screens in 22 countries across the world, with the UK the first to see Luhrmann's mini-masterpiece.

As a director, Baz Luhrmann rarely travels the beaten path, and the ads certainly take a different approach to Aussie tourism campaigns of previous years. Rather than providing a breezy montage of clichéd Aussie scenes (i.e. sunny beaches, Sydney harbour, shrimps on barbies, ice-cold beers from a friendly barman), it takes a more narrative approach, telling the story of a stressed-out office worker in a bleak, rainy city and her escape to an idyllic Australian landscape after a magical encounter with a tiny Aboriginal child.

Sure, it's a little more conceptual than the Paul Hogan ads of the '80s, but it's certainly something different! Check it out below:

Fortunately, if you fancy a trip to Oz yourself, having magic dirt sprinkled into your hand by a member of the country's indigenous people isn't a pre-requisite. In fact, there's no mud involved whatsoever; provided you hold a passport from one of the eligible countries, just apply for an Australian ETA visa before you leave.

As one of the world's most efficient visa processes, most applicants will have their ETA visa application approved instantly, meaning you'll be able to book your flights and find a billabong of your own in no time!

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