Tips on applying for working holiday jobs in Australia

Your visa might have the word 'holiday' in it, and the job you're applying for might be in sight of (or even on) the beach but you need to treat any working opportunities as you would at home.

Here's a few things to bear in mind when looking for work in Australia:

Get started quickly

You might not need to get your work sorted on Skype before you even board a plane but you don't want to find out exactly how long your savings will last you in Australia so get on your job search as soon as you can.

Getting yourself settled for a few days is fine, but don't leave it too long before you start looking. Plenty of hostels will assist with job searching, and you can find out if they have job desks before you book.

Dress the part

Shorts and flipflops might fit in nicely with your idea of Australia, but an office is an office and it won't fly in Australia any better than it does in the UK. Shoes, shirt, trousers and tie has never failed to be a winning interview outfit yet, play it safe and don't lose the gig you want over your dress sense.

Get your CV straight!

Make sure your CV is up to date with your Australian address and contact details, and make sure to emphasise your relevant experience. No one will care that you volunteered at an old folks' home one summer if you're going for a bar job.

Get qualified

Make sure you check what qualifications you'll need to do certain jobs in Australia. You might have excellent experience in the UK but without the right certification in Australia, you won't be allowed to work in certain jobs, particularly ones involving food. Getting the right cerificate changes depending on the position you're working in, as well as which state / territory you're working in - you can find more info and links to the right places to get your qualifications from on our Training Courses page.


Working Holiday Guide

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