Working Conditions in Australia

Employees in Australia are protected by similar rights in the workplace as in the UK. No employee should be subject to unfair treatment or poor working conditions and there are government channels to go through should you need to lodge a complaint.

The Fair Work Ombudsman is a government service designed to explain all the basic rights an employee is entitled to as well as the conditions an employer needs to provide.

While the benefits and entitlements can vary from job to job, the National Employment Standards (NES) includes 10 basic entitlements for all permanent employees:

  • Maximum weekly hours of work
  • Requests for flexible working arrangements
  • Parental leave and related entitlements
  • Annual leave
  • Personal, or carer's, leave and compassionate leave
  • Community service leave
  • Long service leave
  • Public holidays
  • Notice of termination and redundancy pay
  • Provision of a Fair Work Information Statement

Minimum Wage

Like the UK, Australia has a minimum wage policy to ensure workers cannot be exploited and to prevent undercutting.

The current national minimum wage is AU$15.96 per hour (£10.36) or AU$606.40 per week (£393.69). However, this rate can differ depending on the employee's wage and status:

Junior employees minimum
wage per hour
Apprentice minimum
wage per hour
Junior employees minimum wage per hour Apprentice minimum wage per hour

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