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Working Holiday Questionnaire: What are your plans?

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Now you've completed your Working Holiday Visa application and you're in the midst of planning your trip to Australia, we want to hear what you've got planned.

What is this questionnaire for?

Firstly, your answers will help us improve our service - let us know what you can't wait to do Down Under and we'll do our best to make sure that there are some relevant offers and discounts to be had with your Visa Bureau Platinum Card (which you should remember to register, if you haven't already!)

Secondly, we might want to share your story (with your permission, of course) in a number of places. It could be a story on our Working Holiday blog, or it might run as a feature on a newspaper's website.

What happens after I complete the questionnaire?

We'll be in touch via email to let you know if we want to feature your story. Whether it's a blog comparing your story to those of some other travellers getting set to go to Australia, or if it's a whole newspaper feature dedicated to the awesomeness that is your working holiday, we'll let you know before we do anything with it.

Thanks for taking the time and as ever, remember to cuddle the crocs and avoid the Koalas (or something like that).